Why do I like the b in Terrible’s and the neon western guy and the moon

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Finland: Cooperation, Not Competition, Among Schools

(in Finland) The main driver of education policy is not competition between teachers and between schools, but cooperation. With America’s manufacturing industries now in decline, the goal of educational policy in the U.S.… Continue reading

Gilbert’s Girders: My article on the Erector Set and the toys of the American Century

via kits.makezine.com This article, whic was published in the Make special issue on kits, is online at kits.makezine.com. I found it interesting that Erector sets, Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs were developed in… Continue reading

Nashua NH hackerspace, MakeIt Labs, Shut Down by City Plans to Re-Open

Staff photo by Don Himsel Make It Labs Enlarge Purchase Photo The region’s first hackerspace, MakeIt Labs, is working to reopen after being shut due to building-code issues in the former foundry where… Continue reading

The Problem With Patents (Infographic) from Frugal Dad

Excellent summary from Frugal Dad of the patent issues. Be sure to listen to the episode of This American Life, “When Patents Attack.” My favorite section of the infographic is #5 referencing Tim… Continue reading

Pacemaker protocols: Negotiating the Internet of Things

Two weeks ago, IBM and its development partner Eurotech formally submitted Message Queue Telemetry Transport protocol to the Eclipse Foundation open source group. It’s being called “the” Internet of Things (IoT) protocol, but… Continue reading

Pictures Under Glass

And that’s great! I think hands are fantastic! Hands do two things. They are two utterly amazing things, and you rely on them every moment of the day, and most Future Interaction Concepts… Continue reading

MAKE | Mt. Elliott Maker Space brings Hackers to a Detroit Church

Pastor Barry Randolph and Jeff Sturges talk to us about the Mt. Elliot Makerspace, which is located in the basement of the Church of the Messiah in East Detroit. The role that the… Continue reading

Shanghai Government Proposes 100 Community Hackerspaces

Wow! The future for Made in China. Link: http://slashdot.org/story/11/11/10/1353240/shanghai-government-proposes-100-c… Posted by: timothy, on 2011-11-10 13:58:00    taweili writes “[1]A tweet from Shanghai Morning Newspaper’s Weibo   account, Shanghai Government Technology committee has issued… Continue reading

3D printers – Manufacturing for the rest of us

We are entering a period where the consumer is a designer and manufacturer,  too,” said Carl Bass, the chief executive of Autodesk. “We are entering a period where the entire act of making… Continue reading