I came across this passage today and thought I’d post it, given my Radar posting, “The Rest of the Rest of Us“, a seemingly idyllic view of a 18th century English village, fifty… Continue reading

Weather Watching

In December, I set up a weather station from Davis Instruments and placed it in the garden by the barn. There’s some inexplicable fascination in knowing the weather for a very specific location.… Continue reading

Two Live Crabs

Ben delivered two live crabs on Monday and we cooked them up and ate them. More photos

Order Restored


This morning when I looked out the window, the sheep and the steer were outside their fenced-in pasture and the dogs were inside. I had to get the dogs out first and put… Continue reading

Raccoon Trap

I rented a raccoon trap from Harmony Farm Supply and put it out on Saturday night. I put some pieces of hot dogs and bacon inside it. On Sunday morning, I caught a… Continue reading

Rooster Be Gone

A few feathers scattered in the yard and the hen house is all that is left on one of our three roosters.This one was a Brahma with striking black and white plumage. All… Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Sunset

One of the last things that 2007 had to offer was a stunning sunset.

Opening New Pasture

We opened a new pasture at the end of the year for grazing. Our four sheep and steer have clipped the grass pretty close in two smaller pastures, and it was time to… Continue reading