Sears Catalogue

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting with Mister Jalopy in his garage. He showed me a recent acquisition: a 1936 Sears Catalog, which he picked up for two dollars. He narrated… Continue reading

Where Have All the Apples Gone?

The neighboring apple orchard is being torn down. A team was out early Monday morning with chainsaws and chippers to cut down the Gravenstein apple trees. My guess is that the orchard will… Continue reading

Three Australops

I’m out of town so Milo met Farmer John for the delivery of some new laying hens: I picked up the Australorps and put them in a rabbit cage for now. I talked… Continue reading

Lambs Four Days On

The lambs continue to do well. Ben is holding one of them.

A welcome distraction from meetings

The Conference Room Two crows escape. One crow shivers in a barehanded tree. One crow hides in a brow of high grass. Two crows bounce from spot to spot freely. They rise at… Continue reading

Day Old Lambs

Last night was cold and stormy, with maybe a little hail, all of which made me wonder how the lambs were doing out in the shed. By morning, the rain had stopped. First… Continue reading

Two Lambs

A great surprise today! In fact, two. After a late breakfast, I was taking the compost bucket out to the chickens when I looked out in the field. In with the sheep, I… Continue reading

Bread and Beer Sunday

It was the Sunday of the NFL championships but stayed off the couch for the day. I started in the morning making mini-baguettes from a recipe in the current issue of Fine Cooking.… Continue reading

Raising Beds

Last year, we put in six raised beds made up of red masonry blocks. This year, we’re adding one more bed to use up the leftover blocks. The number one reason for having… Continue reading

Rain in Selbourne, 1790